Fresh from Ethiopia

Ethiopia guavas

Fruits and Vegetables

Our fruits and vegetables from Ethiopia are of high value, grown by our ever dedicated smallholder farmers in the horn of Africa country. Fresh from Ethiopia has all the fruits and vegetables that Ethiopia has to offer: Ethiopia Bitter Melons, Ethiopia Broccoli, Ethiopia Cabbage Tree (Moringa stenopetala), Ethiopia Cabbages, Ethiopia Cowpeas, Ethiopia Custard Apple, Ethiopia Eggplants,Ethiopia Frozen Vegetables, Ethiopia Lettuce, Ethiopia Lime, Ethiopia Mangoes, Ethiopia Papaya, Ethiopia Passion Fruit, Ethiopia Pea beans, Ethiopia Pears, Ethiopia Pineapples.

Ethiopia Turmeric

Herbs and

Our elaborate range Ethiopian spices come from established producers in Ethiopia who meet global market standards. We welcome you to buy the very best of Ethiopia Cardamom, Ethiopia Tumeric, Ethiopia Black Cumin Seeds, Ethiopia coriander Seeds and Black Pepper from Ethiopia. Others include Ethiopia Asparagus, Ethiopia Hot Pepper, Ethiopia Turmeric. Ethiopia is a leading source of spices in Africa, origin to some of the most popular spices and the country takes lead as as a source for real, authentic spices from Africa.

Ethiopia veal

Meat and Livestock

Import the best of meat and livestock from Ethiopia, sourced directly from smallholder farming communities who are dedicating to keeping their livestock healthy. Our produce range in the meat and livestock category include Ethiopia Sheep, Ethiopia Mutton ,Ethiopia Live Goats , Ethiopia Live Cows,Ethiopia Live Sheep, Ethiopia Goat Meat , Ethiopia Beef ,Ethiopia Pork ,Ethiopia Lamb. We have made things easy through our network of suppliers, simply do your selection, confirm your order and wait for your produce at destination!

Ethiopia sunflower oil


Import naturally grown agricultural commodities from Ethiopia – sourced from our smallholder communities by producers who are dedicated to adhering to international market standards. Our Agro commodities include Ethiopia Tea and Ethiopian Coffee, which is rated among the best coffee you can ever get from any African country. Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee and indeed the people of Ethiopia love coffee. Buna is a coffee-making ceremony involving preparing (roasting, grinding) and brewing the beans.